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We are excited to share some great changes taking place!

HHR’s newest QuickBooks ProAdvisor for the online version.

Spartanburg, South Carolina Accounting Firm

Holcombe, Holtzclaw & Ravan, LLC consists of professionals who have provided public accounting services in Spartanburg, South Carolina for many years. This team of Certified Public Accountants joined forces in January of 2014 with the merger of Ravan & Holtzclaw, P.A. and Holcombe & Associates, LLC, and the subsequent acquisition of a third office from a Southeast regional firm. This combination of offices and professionals provided Holcombe, Holtzclaw & Ravan, LLC a broadened knowledge base, increased cumulative experience and additional capacity that allows us to serve our diverse client base more effectively and efficiently. While we are now a much larger firm, we still maintain the hometown feel and emphasis on personal relationships and excellent client service.

Consulting & Support Services

Holcombe, Holtzclaw & Ravan LLC offers a range of business support services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in Spartanburg, SC who own and manage businesses.  We have four QuickBooks Pro Advisors on staff,  all ready and able to help.

Professional Tax & Accounting Services

We are here not only to provide high quality, timely and pro-active tax, audit and accounting services but also to play a role as your lifetime advisor.

Accounting Resources

We have listed a few accounting and tax websites that you will find helpful and informative.

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A Truly Generous Holiday

In the waning days of 2017 we have circled ‘round again into the season of celebration. Our neighborhood landscapes are renovated with twinkling lights, parades, and inflatable Santas. Our inner landscapes of the spirit often feel transformed as well, somehow more...

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Wealth Consciousness, Part 2

Earlier this month we explored common beliefs about money that either limit or enlarge our horizons. Now let’s talk specifics, stating the obvious first! Compounding interest is the way to go for long-term wealth creation. Beyond your 401K though, you probably have...

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Wealth Consciousness, Part 1

Let’s talk about money! As part of the financial industry we are committed to help grow the wealth and resources of our clients and community. There are two parts to increasing wealth. In today’s post we offer a discussion of beliefs about money that either encourage...

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The Alchemy of Blessing

Blessing is a beautiful Old English word that means to consecrate or to give thanks. We count our blessings and ask blessing upon our meals. Blessing has even deeper roots though in the porto-germanic word for blood. To bless originally meant to mark or hallow with...

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Receiving Autumn’s Gifts

We enter more deeply into autumn this week and are at long last enjoying cooler temperatures and lower humidity. The leaves will soon turn and fall, repeating their yearly ritual of blaze, surrender, and release. Daylight grows shorter and we naturally turn inward to the warmth of our homes and the fertile ground of our own interior life.

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We Belong to Each Other

This post comes on the heels of the tragic events earlier this week In Las Vegas. We offer these thoughts in solidarity with our grieving nation, and in honor of our Spartanburg community, the neighbors to which we most closely belong. There is no denying we live...

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