We all have bad days from time to time. Some of us have bad weeks, bad months, and bad years. We sometimes feel exhausted, and discouraged, like we’re on the outside looking in, watching everyone else enjoy the party. Some circumstances are truly more difficult than others, but I suspect when we feel the struggle is too great it’s because we have forgotten how much power and choice we actually do have. There are many things beyond our ability to control, but we always have room to move creatively with whatever is happening. Great changes over time are usually accomplished by a series of small choices along the way. We easily discount the small things we can do for ourselves and others thinking our little efforts lack impact. Nature provides a fine example of small power in motion. Tiny raindrops nourish summer corn. White blood cells attack infection with precision. Ground coffee beans provide a kick of energy for the 3pm slump. If you find yourself in a proverbial wilderness feeling stuck, lost, frustrated, and alone, whether the reasons are big or small, make one small act of power. Make one choice that moves your energy and emotions back in the right direction.