Many of us lead fast-paced lives, testing our limits and proving our strength. We go to bed late, rise early, push ourselves emotionally, financially, and in our relationships, always reaching for more. Goals keep us moving forward, and ambition keeps life exciting and purposeful. In our pursuit of “more” we can easily miss the abundance that is already present in our lives. Your trusty heart beats approximately 100,000 times per day without having to be told to do so! The sun rises and rain falls according to Nature’s wisdom independent of our management. We may miss our child’s happy grin, or the kind patience of our coworkers while sprinting headlong to the finish line. We sometimes push our bodies through pain rather than giving attention to the place that is hurting. Yoga teachers encourage students to reach as fully as possible into a yoga posture, but then also to find a little place of ease; stretch to the limit, but then relax into the pose. This week while striving for more you might also consider ways to relax into your life just a bit more fully. Create a little margin. It could be as simple as going to bed 15 minutes earlier, or pausing for a moment before walking in the door from work. When placing the key into the ignition each morning say a quick inner thank you for the car that seamlessly moves you from one place to the next. Instead of spending an extra $20 at your favorite retailer slide that $20 into your savings account and smile, knowing you are a little wealthier than you would have been. Try framing your work as you would a piece of art, by enjoying the accomplishment of a project well-done before moving on to the next. It is natural for our energy and efforts to ebb and flow like the ocean tide. Cherish the life you have, even as you are pursuing more!