Don’t Miss Fall’s Gifts

We enter more deeply into autumn this week and are at long last enjoying cooler temperatures and lower humidity. The leaves will soon turn and fall, repeating their yearly ritual of blaze, surrender, and release. Daylight grows shorter and we naturally turn inward to the warmth of our homes and the fertile ground of our own interior life. Lest we miss fall’s gifts in our headlong rush to the holidays, we might pause and consider the ways in which we are invited to shift focus. We are emerging from a long, hot summer of productivity, growth and passion.


The Beauty of Harvest

Autumn teaches a more measured pace, allowing our efforts to cool a bit, offering us the beauty of harvest, the fruit of summer’s work. What aspects of your life have been fruitful and fiery in summer’s heat, but now need to be surrendered and released into the earth, becoming hummus underfoot, enriching the soil for next year’s planting and growing?


Experience Deeper Rest

What might you let go of in order to experience deeper rest? Does rest seem like an impossible luxury, fine for other folks, but not for you? Maybe anxiety has become almost routine, so sneaky you barely notice that slightly breathless feeling in your chest. Maybe some emotion is too much with you. Could you simply wrap your sadness in a warm blanket and set it aside for a while, knowing it does not need your constant fretting. Maybe your sense of wonder has become dull to the beauty around you, or equally important, to the beauty within.


A Unique Invitation

The vibrant leaves offer both visual delight and a reminder to trust a hidden inner process. Your inner guidance and wisdom are not determined by external weather. They arise from your deep inner well, in response to your connection with life’s natural rhythms. You might trust your body’s knowing and listen to what it needs. Stoke the warm hearth inside, stir the inner sap, that strong invisible elixir circulating quietly. Autumn invites our presence not as co-creators and summery producers, but now as revelers and beholders of a beauty fully free and independent of our management. You can take a big, deep breath. Do not think yourself unworthy of such rest, such magic and mystery, such trust in the natural flow of life. Each season offers a unique invitation, given to us freely. To refuse to receive the gift might just be bad manners!