In response to our present state of crisis, I felt the need to communicate with you regarding our method of operations for the near future.  For us, the restrictions that are now in place pose some added difficulties with them occurring during tax season. Some important legislative actions have been afforded to provide our employees and our clients with significant relief.  Some of the major aspects of that relief are:

  1. The federal and state filing deadlines have been moved to July 15.
  2. Any federal or state income tax payments that would have been due in April are now due July 15, without penalties or interest.  That includes balances due for 2019 and estimated tax payments due April 15.
  3. Any state payments for sales tax and payroll withholdings due between April 1 and June 1 are deferred until June 1.


There is also legislation being debated and likely to be enacted soon.  We expect that legislation to deal with extended unemployment benefits, potential credits or temporary cessation of payroll taxes, relief payments being made directly to taxpayers via checks, low interest loans from the SBA for working capital for small businesses, and other provisions to try to help us, small businesses, be able to continue to pay our employees during these substantial disruptions.   We will be posting updates to our website and social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) as developments warrant it.

As a firm, we are trying to balance our responsibilities to our employees’ safety and our responsibilities to serve our clients.  We are continuing to work, though we are establishing some recommended modifications in how we work. Until we are given guidance that allows us to return to normal operations we will be operating under the following conditions:

  1. We are not conducting face-to-face meetings.  Most of our client-to-client communication will be by telephone, texting and email.
  2. We are still open for clients to deliver their tax information to our office.  We have placed a table in our lobby where we will intake files. Follow up questions will be conducted by telephone, texting and email.
  3. Our goal is not to let the extended tax deadline delay delivery of tax returns until July 15.  We will prioritize returns where refunds are likely and then move to the returns where payments will be required.  We understand the need to get refunds in process to get the money back in our clients’ hands as soon as possible. 


Obviously, this situation is still very fluid and may require adjustments as we move forward.  Please pay attention to our website,, for updates and announcements. Feel free to call or email us with questions.  Due to the volume of calls, our ability to return calls might be delayed but we will return calls and respond to emails.

In summary, things will be different for a while.  We will continue to work on tax returns and other projects during this time.  Things will return to normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding.